Beyond Finished

Paige R. Sisk, artist

Over the years many people have asked me about the name of my business. Why Beyond Finished? After obtaining my degree in interior design 30 years ago I worked in visual merchandising then ventured into the world of faux finishing. I wanted a name that gave the idea of what my goal was for a space, to take it to the next level, beyond finished. It has been so for almost 20 years.

Three years ago the most amazing thing happened to our family. We became grandparents. I took this time to move my studio home and have the joy of watching our precious granddaughter during the weekdays. My calling to create is still very present in my daily life. It’s in my soul as is my love of singing. These are all things that bring me complete JOY.

I am thankful each and everyday for the privilege to do what I love doing. It thrills me to my core to know that something I have created brings a smile to someone else’s face. That is my goal. If you see something here that speaks to you I hope you will reach out and connect with me so we can collaborate on making that piece that makes you smile.